At the outset, my heartfelt namaskaarams to one and all who come across this blog.

As a little introduction to myself, I would like to say that of all my several passions, music is the foremost. My biggest assets have been my mother, whose family is a musically oriented one…and my father, who also passionately loves music.

As a result, I was introduced to all genres of music right from my babyhood. I would here like to mention that my mother, who possesses a wonderful singing voice with excellent tonal quality, used to sing throughout the day, while doing her household chores. We nicknamed her “Radio”! Therefore, I also developed the habit of humming and singing from a very young age.

I also feel the need here to inform the visitors to this blog, that I have not had any formal training in music, except for having learnt Carnatic classical music informally from a friend of my mother while in Ranchi, over a period of two years, when I was a little girl.

Unfortunately, I did not find the opportunity to continue training in music, because we had relocated soon after to Hyderabad, where a lot of my time went for commuting back and forth from school, and academics which demanded a lot of attention, leaving very little time for pursuing any other hobby which entailed the need to go out.

Consequently, whatever knowledge I have presently, has been gleaned from various sources…listening to the maestros, books, the Internet, various people…

The purpose of my having started this blog is to share with my friends the few drops I have collected over the years from the vast ocean of music, some personal experiences which made me ecstatic, and in particular, to put on record some of my own compositions…lyrical as well as musical, which I received directly by way of the Divine Mother’s blessings.

I would appreciate it if the viewers of this blog would give me any suggestions and make any corrections, which would enhance my knowledge of music further, because, as one would have gathered by now, my technical knowledge is not very sound. I shall endeavour to incorporate any changes suggested after due consideration.

Namaskaarams once again.